Three Blind Dragons

Syberis, of the skies. Khyber, of the world below. Eberron, of flesh made land.

Names known to every being with the intellect to know names. They are the world as it is known. Siberys, most clear in the dark of night, a shining strand of glowing dragonshards that encircle the world beyond the atmosphere. Serving to remind all that the light of good is ever prevalent, Siberys protects. Khyber, unseen but ever present. Fear and loathing in the underdark, home to all manner of unsavory life. Serving to remind all that the dark holds only mystery and danger.

And Eberron, the bastion of life. The path between, the land of opposing forces, the home of good and evil, nurturing both, favoring none. And on this surface, Khorvaire – a continent that has known only war for several centuries – now thrashes in the tension of peace. Once a single great nation, Galifar broken by disloyalty, dishonor and greed. 13 nations grew from the war that split Galifar, and 12 remain. 12 moons shine on 12 nations, while a 13th has disappeared from history.

12 Great Houses, belonging to no nation, but welcome in all, distinguished by 12 distinct Dragonmarks. The 13th house wiped from memory, its name uttered only as a myth, and only in the secrecy of the shadows, yet the appearance of Dragonmarks are not so easy to erase.

As people emerge from their homes, relieved that the long sieges and pressed battles are over with, some look to the return of their sons and daughters, while others try to hide the strangling grip of grief. All of them face each dawn with the apprehension of what calamity is to come.

Across the seas to the southwest, on the island continent of Argonnessen, the dragon civilization keeps a close watch upon the lesser races, ever ready for yet another revelation of their great prophecy. And with so many eyes watching Khorvaire, a pair of silvery wings beats into the clouds unnoticed…

Prophecy Unmade

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