Big Daddy's Skull

Klan-kan Bonus Item


-2 to Perception checks
+1 to Intimidate checks

+2 to any skill checks involving the Undead.

Will evolve and gain power as the wearer gains Undead Lord levels. (Evolution occurs every 3 lvls).

Level 3 Evolution

-1 to Perception checks
+2 to Intimidate checks

+2 to skill checks and Caster Level to any direct interactions with Undead.
1/day cast Command Undead with following modification:
*Duration 1 hour/character level
*Target gets +5 to Will Saves if Intelligent
*No checks are required for any commands, even against normal behavior, commands are telepathic not spoken.


The skull of a kobold that was clearly larger than Klan-kan, as it fits over his head quite nicely. It’s a bit difficult to see, hear and smell his surroundings while wearing the thing, but the unintelligible whispers that he hears while wearing it sound very encouraging despite being gibberish.

First evolution. The skull has begun to mold itself to the kobold’s head, fitting much more comfortably, and producing less of its own odor. The whispers, while still gibberish, have actual intelligible words in their midst, spoken clearly and concisely in Draconic. They reveal the edges of the secrets of nether realms, hinting at the goings on of the other side.

Big Daddy's Skull

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